Today, JoomlaGeek would like to announce the release of Geek ElasticSearch version 3.5.0. The new version comes with some new features and updates as follows:

1. Supports JooCart component.

2. Supports new search mode: Match Phrase Prefix.

This search mode works like the Exact Phrase mode, except that it allows for prefix matches on the last term in the text.

For example, you can search with the incomplete phrase “Auto rep” instead of “Auto repair”.

The Match Phrase Prefix query is a poor-man’s autocomplete. It is very easy to use, which lets you get started quickly with search-as-you-type but its results, which usually are good enough, can sometimes be confusing.

3. Supports filtering by Access Level.

If you enable this feature, system will return different search results to users depends on their Access Level Group.

4. Adds query string to URL of items on search results.

When users click on items on search results to open item detail page, the search form on this page will be populated with the same state as it was on previous page. This helps users can continue to check other search results without doing search again.

For example, you can click on below link to open article page on our demo website, you can see the search form on that page will be automatically populated with some search criterias.


5. Add new settings of width + left margin for Dropdown box (dropdown layout of search module)

6. Fixed bug: can’t unpublish / delete indexed items if using ElasticSearch 6.x.

Feel free to comment, suggest features in the comment box below.

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