A Chat Bot is an artificial intelligence, a “living entity” designed to have conversations with real human being. Since Chatbots are interactive, conversational agents capable of interacting on your website with your customers, one of the biggest benefits is for a business to save money by cutting the cost of employment in their customer service departments, the bots can sit on your site “talking” to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week processing data and assisting customers. The potential business benefits of chatbots can be explain more in article Geek Joomla Facebook Chatbots - Work Smart with our Logic

If your site is based on Joomla core and you are looking for chat extension that has a automated bot to respond to users? JoomlaGeek is the provider for your ideal choice!

Geek Joomla Facebook Chatbot

Today, JoomlaGeek releases Geek Joomla Facebook chatbot which offers you alot of following great features on the next sections.


4 message types variants for different purposes

Chatbots often treat conversations like they're a game of tennis. Talk, reply, talk, reply — they go back and forth. Geek Facebook Chatbot provides 4 different type of message for smart automated response : Text, Image, button or Generic template

Text Type

Many helpful information can be sent automatically to users or customers.

Geek Joomla Facebook Chatbot

Image Type

Picture can paint a thousand words so that sending an image can be the best way to describe what you want to say during the conversation.

Geek Joomla Facebook Chatbot

Control conversation with Button Type

It supports to send post back buttons to user to control the conversation and make sure user can reach the businesses they care about.

Geek Joomla Facebook Chatbot

Generic template

The Generic Template can include an image, title, subtitle, description and buttons. The template can support multiple bubbles per message and display them as a horizontal list.

Geek Joomla Facebook Chatbot

Unlimited automated message

The Geek Facebook Chatbot sends the answers by spitting out canned answers in response to certain keywords.

Geek Facebook Chatbot provides a flexible system and smart logicbot that help to return most related messages to user questions

Geek Joomla Facebook Chatbot

Friendly Welcome Screen

You can set welcome screen message to introduce the most important information about your company / business to user when they start a new conversation.

Geek Joomla Facebook Chatbot

Start a conversation easily via entry points

There are two plugins you can drop onto your website that work on desktop and mobile web. When people click the "Send to Messenger" plugin, you can initiate a conversation with them in Messenger. The "Message Us" plugin takes the person directly to Messenger and allows them to initiate a conversation with you. On desktop, the person will be sent to messenger.com and on mobile they'll be sent to the Messenger native app.

Geek Joomla Facebook Chatbot

Powerful and Friendly admin management panel

Admin control panel has been designed with power and simplicity in mind that allow you to manage, customize your chatbot easily.

Messages management

Message Management section let you create new, edit, publish, unpublish and delete messages easily.

Geek Joomla Facebook Chatbot

Keywords management

Besides functions of creating new, editing, publishing, unpublishing and deleting keywords, administrators will discover what popular keywords based on the keyword weight index. Analyse of keywords will optimize the effection of you chatbot.

Geek Joomla Facebook Chatbot

Error logs

The Error Logs capture all the warnings and errors logged by plug-in that are very handy for debugging and tracing any unseen errors.

Geek Joomla Facebook Chatbot

Chat with Geek Facebook Chatbot now?

Now start a conversation with our chatbot and see how smart it is!

Let's try some following keywords when chatting with our bot then see the magic!

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