Time flies so fast, do you have the same feeling?

1 year has passed from the moment of creation Joomla Geek Extensions Gallery.

1 year from the moment when a group of crazy young fools came together and created collection of Joomla extensions that run flawlessly on any Joomla website.

And very soon, 16th of July, JoomlaGeek turns 1.

We would like to thank you for standing besides us from our very beginning. We always cherish your kind supports and consider your satisfaction is our goal of continuing to pursuit.

JoomlaGeek products – One year review

Before blowing out candles and unpacking gifts, let's look back and see what were our biggest achievements within one year of hard-working, from July 16, 2015 until today , July 16, 2016:

Time to make some wishes…

It's a period of our life when we've gained so much experiences and relationships that everything seems unforgettable. JoomlaGeek Team would like to work more, contribute more to our members as well as to Joomla Community. Therefore, from our birthday party, you can hear our wishes in the air:

  • Making more mobile-friendly, Joomla 3.x compatible, simple yet powerful Joomla products.
  • Adding more Joomla component developers to partner list. Research and improve our products to make them more adaptable with famous Joomla extensions in the market place.
  • Hiring more technical support staffs to reach and reply our clients faster.
  • Largely promoting JoomlaGeek Affiliates Program, allow our users to earn cash by spreading words about JoomlaGeek products.

Now, let's turn up the music, LOUDER!

Nothing is more interesting like join a party and bring home some gifts. JoomlaGeek has launched big promotion program to rewards its loyal customers with birthday gifts.


You may need to pick up limited gifts quickly, the clock is ticking.....