Basic Settings

Setting Default Description
Game Level Normal (4x4) Select a game level
3Easy (3x3)
4Normal (4x4)
5Hard (5x5)
Width 480 Set the width of Puzzle (in pixel)
Height 480 Set the height of Puzzle (in pixel)
Tile Border Yes Choose yes to set border of tile
Empty Tile Color #FFFFFF Set color of empty tile
Locked content   The scene of puzzle unfolds when user solves the puzzle competely
Source Mode Selected Images Select the mode of getting image for puzzle
selectSelected Images
folderImage Folder
Image Folder   Get random image from folder
Image 1 Select an image (jpg format)
Image 2 Select an image (jpg format)
Image 3 Select an image (in jpg format)
Image 4 Select an image (jpg format)
Image 5 Select an image (jpg format)