Geek Image Annotation

A Joomla module enables users to create infinite scrolling image grid on website which replaces traditional sliders to make web page look much more impressive. The module's rich back-end configuration covers all built-in functionality like: scrolling control, thumbnail creation mode, images size, image filters and much more.

Manage Annotation

Add new annotation

Drag and drop this icon into image to add new annotation.

Select Image

Select your image

Annotation Property Form

Click on annotation that you want to add information, it will open setting form on right side of Editor.
You can change icon, set title and content of Annotation.
Content field allow HTML code.

Apply Button

Use this button to save your changes

Remove Button

Click on this button if you want to remove select annotation.

Duplicate Button

Click on this button if you want to create new annotation cloned from selected one.
This feature helps you save a lot of time when working with long images.

Tooltip Settings

Setting Default Description
Theme Default Select a theme
Arrow Yes Add a speech bubble arrow to the tooltip.
Annimation Fade Determines how the tooltip will animate in and out.
Animation Duration 350 Sets the duration of the animation, in milliseconds. If you wish to provide different durations for the opening and closing animations, provide an array of two different values.
Trigger Hover Sets when the tooltip should open and close.
Max Width 400 Set a maximum width (in pixel) for the tooltip. Enter 0 if you don't want to set maximum width.
Interactive No Give users the possibility to interact with the content of the tooltip. If you want them to be able to make clicks or do other interactions inside the tooltip, you have to set this option to true. When the 'hover' close trigger is used, the user has to move the cursor to the tooltip before it starts closing (this lapse of time has its duration set by the 'delay' option).
Opening Delay 300 Upon mouse interaction, this is the delay before the tooltip starts its opening animations when the 'hover' trigger is used.
Closing Delay 300 Upon mouse interaction, this is the delay before the tooltip starts its closing animations when the 'hover' trigger is used.
Timer 0 How long (in ms) the tooltip should live before closing. Default: 0 (disabled)

Other Settings

Setting Default Description
Pulse Effect Enabled Add a heartbeat pulse effect to the annotations.
Pulse Color Set a color of pulse effect.