Today we are happy to announce the release of Geek Facebook Chatbot version 2.5.0. The new version comes with many new useful features that enable you to create a more intelligent chatbot and help you interact with your customers easier.

Please take a look below for the full details about new updates in this version.

Manage users and send mass messages to all subscribed users

In the new version, the component will store information of users who interact with your Facebook through Messenger into Joomla database.

Users will be automatically added to Subscribers list with status Subscribed by default. It also supports to create a call-back button that allows users can unsubscribe from the list then.

And you now can send mass messages to all subscribed users from component backend. This feature is really useful in case if you want to send important updates to all your customers.
But please note that Facebook Messenger Platform policies doesn't allow you to send advertising or promotional content through the Send/Receive API.

And one more note that the component will store information of users who interact with your FB page after you install a new version. This means that it won't import the list of users who interact with your page before.

Support SQL Like syntax to define text matching

In previous versions, you already know how to use Keyword system to control what Chatbot will reply to users. In the new version, beside using simple keywords, Chatbot also supports to define a text matching to check if the received message is matched with a specific format.
This feature makes your Bot really more intelligent. Since it can understand what users say in a more flexible way.

For example, if you define a text matching as follows:

What% name

Then your bot will understand that it matches with following sentences that users send to it:

  • What is your name?
  • What's your name?
  • What ur name?
  • ...

Message Variables

This is another new cool feature in the new version, since you can add information of users to message to make it look personalized. This is a small update but it helps to make your Bot more friendly :)

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