Geek Joomla ElasticSearch version 2.1.0

Today we're excited to announce that Geek ElasticSearch component version 2.1.0 has been released. The new version supports two great extensions of DJ-Extensions that are: DJ-Classifieds component and DJ-Catalog2 component. It also comes with some improvements and bug fixes.

This version of Geek ElasticSearch component marked a collaboration between JoomlaGeek and DJ-Extensions since they help us a lot in the development process from building demo content to upgrading their extensions to work compatibility with our component. We are very grateful and want to send special thanks to Tomasz Kowalski - CEO of DJ-Extensions and his team for this great kind help.

To mark this collaboration and for a long-lasting collaboration partnership, JoomlaGeek and DJ-Extensions decided to do cross-promotion for both our companies’s users. For details, you can use the coupon code DJEXT20 for 20% OFF on all our extensions when purchasing on our website, and use the coupon code JGEEK20 for 20% OFF on all DJ-Extensions's products when purchasing on website.

Geek ElasticSearch version 2.1.0 Changelog

New Features

  • Support DJ-Classifieds component.
  • Support DJ-Catalog2 component.
  • Filter by "Publish End Date".


  • Improve dashboard view.
  • Plugin VirtueMart: search by SKU.

Bug Fixes

  • Plugin EasySocial: doesn't display images if user's selected storage is Amazon S3.

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