As you may know, the idea of developing Elasticsearch is to provide scalable search solution. The search solution was built from the ground up to be distributed and used easily by any programming language, like JSON over HTTP. The search engine providing a distributed multitenant-capable, full-text search engine with an HTTP web interface and schema-free JSON documents.
Integrating Elasticsearch with Joomla really marks an obvious advances of implementing a high performance search tool for Joomla! The solution accelerates searching large amount of data on Joomla site with a real-time speed. This removes the weak point of default Joomla search known as heavy and slow function.

Although there are many advantages of using Elasticsearch as search engine for your site, it is not easy for nontechnical users to install and configure Elasticsearch on their servers. Moreover, it is nearly impossible to setup the Elasticsearch on shared hosting due to its limitations.

Understanding these obstacles, JoomlaGreek provides a solution that not only helps users to integrate Elasticsearch easily on your Joomla sites but we also support hosted search solutions. Users now can use Elasticsearch service from 3rd providers without worrying about complicated server configurations.
On previous versions of Geek Elasticsearch component, we supported Elasticsearch service from the most popular cloud service platform AWS. On new version 1.2.2, we support another hosted cloud search service Searchly. It offers you another option of hosting cloud search with a reasonable price, you can select a plan that suits your needs. The lowest price is $9/month for 3 indices and 200Mb storage. Furthermore all JoomlaGeek's customers now can use special discount code joomlageek while checking out on to get 30% OFF on all Searchly's plans.

If searching is an important feature of your business then let us help you to deliver a great search experience in your websites.

Checkout Demo Download Version 1.2.2 Documentation

Other updates in this version

  • Add option to show/hide image on search result.
  • Support send search request with Basic Authorization
  • Get correct image for JReview listing items based on its storage setting
  • Show warning message if Elasticsearch service is not configured.